Get Ripped & Rip The System

This is what happens when one man takes back his life. 5 Years ago I began the journey to transform my body and my life. In that time I've gone from a 218lb mess to a 165lb fitness addict. I want to show people that this sort of transformation is possible and I want to inspire/help them along their own journey. I think that in our modern hyper-capitalist society we are dehumanized into believing that we have no control over our situations and that this concept ties over from our political sphere to our domiciles and right down to our own body images and self worth. WELL IT'S TIME TO TAKE IT BACK! I don't want to stress judgement, we all start somewhere, but rather encouragement. You can do this, We can do this!


Quiff is lookin pretty soild today. First laid on some of the heavy S-Curl Pomade. This stuff is really heavy, almost closer to a wax, which gives you some super hold but not much sheen. It’s a pomade I tend to use earlier in the week as it still styles well the day or so after you put it in Then for some really popping shine, I top-coated with a dab of Royal Crown Pomade, which has the best shine I’ve found (not to mention an awesomely dapper scent). Then for good measure I used a bit of the clubman styling Gel to hold down a few stragglers (my hair naturally just wants to stand straight up). Interestingly enough, not only does this combo make for a shiny all-day hold but the scent of each of these really compliments the others quite well!